Know about Caroline Garcia Boyfriend: Is She Gay?

Recently Caroline Garcia, the French professional tennis athlete captured the headlines after defeating Johanna Konta in the first round of the U.S Open 2018. The famous tennis player comes from France. She made the transition to professional tennis in 2011 at the Australian Open. Due to her consistent tennis style and impressive ability to serve, she’s become one of the best tennis players across. 

Many are curious about Caroline Garcia Boyfriend and her dating history. Continue reading to explore these details!

Who is Caroline Garcia Boyfriend?

Caroline Garcia dating history

After reviewing some reports, we got to know Caroline Garcia is single and not married as of now. The 29-year-old tennis player is a well-known personality in the field of tennis who is expected to soon be ranked no 1 in the world. Caroline is renowned for her strong and consistent forehand strokes. At present, she’s not in a relationship and currently working to enhance her skills in the field of tennis.

Caroline Garcia Boyfriend Dating History

Caroline isn’t only a talented tennis star but also a master at capturing hearts! From romantic musings to fashion shows, Caroline’s love story is full of excitement, fascination, and sweet moments. So, let us discover Caroline Garcia Boyfriend Dating History.

Caroline Garcia Dating History with Maxime Chazal

Maxime Chazal

Caroline and Maxime made us giddy by their adorable and awed relationship. Among the cutest couples of their time, their Instagram posts were so cute that no one resisted rooting for their romantic fairytale romance. However, just like many other high school sweethearts, their romance ended.

Caroline Garcia’s Dating History with Benjamin Thouron

With his stunning smile and cool personality, Benjamin was a total definition of a teenage heartthrob. Caroline and Benjamin looked like they had a great time when they went out together and attended gala events that left people more thoughtful. Everyone wondered how Caroline was able to manage her tennis career, along with an enthralling relationship. It was as if she were playing a real teenager drama and so we were impatiently awaiting what would happen next.

Caroline Garcia Dating History with Milos Raonic

Things took a turn when gossip circulated about her secret love affair with the tennis player, Milos Raonic. People found it a perfect match made by tennis! Fans were in a frenzy, scrutinizing every photo and interaction of the pair, hoping to discover the truth behind their blossoming love affair.

Milos Raonic

Caroline Garcia Dating History with Alexander Zverev

Just when her fans believed that they’d cracked Caroline Garcia Boyfriend, a new name popped up, Alexander Zverev. The environment was lit as Caroline and Alexander were seen in a fancy gala, heart-robbing all the teenage hearts. The media was eager for confirmation about their relationship. However, Caroline as the mysterious personality kept quiet and didn’t confess anything officially.

Alexander Zverev

Caroline Garcia present Relationship Status

Caroline Garcia is a talented personality who is determined with her career. Her consistent performance and the form she has been in throughout the season depict that she is slowly paving her way to success. This shows that she is most likely to be a crowned champion due to the way she appears at ease in her game. Being a career-focused personality, she is gaining confidence in her game every day.

Caroline Garcia boyfriend

Moreover, discussing Caroline Garcia Boyfriend, we can say that Garcia is currently single and she didn’t share much information regarding her private life. Garcia does not talk openly about her private life, even though she’s active on social media, frequently posting photos and keeping her followers entertained. There are chances that she might be dating someone privately, hiding from her fans and media. 

Also, there might be chances that the French tennis player is waiting for the right moment to share details about her romantic relationship with her fans. However, there is no information on Caroline Garcia Boyfriend or her past relationship history.

Is Caroline Garcia Gay or Lesbian?

However, there is no official proof regarding this talk, but there might be chances that Caroline Garcia is gay. It is possible. On various social media platforms, plenty of users expressed their opinions about her personality, noting the way she appears to be. Some people even took to reposting the tweet that stated she’s lesbian in and out of court. Apart from this, another tweet came out with a message about her workout and said it reminds them of their LGBT pride.

You can also find a lot of supplementary comments. Many people believe that Caroline Garcia is not a lesbian. However, after researching, we can say that there is no official message regarding whether Carline Garcia is gay or lesbian. Some people on Twitter challenged or disproved the assertions that others presented in casual conversations. 


Caroline Garcia’s romantic adventure is a wild ride of emotions, packed with unexpected moments and heartwarming scenes. As teenagers, we cannot avoid getting caught up in the rollercoaster of relationships and love. So, talking about Caroline Garcia Boyfriend, we can conclude that Garcia is not in any romantic relationship as she chooses to be silent about her private life. 

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