Scott Stuber (Film Producer) Biography, Early Life, Career, Wife, Kids, Net Worth

Scott Stuber’s rise from a passionate movie fan to a powerful producer and star in the industry shows how talented, determined, and dedicated he is to always doing his best. His impact on the entertainment world will last for years as he continues to shape the future of filmmaking at Netflix and elsewhere.

Know Quick Facts About Scott Stuber

Real NameScott Stuber
ProfessionFilm producer
Date of Birth13 December 1968
Age as of 202455 year old
Place of BirthGranada Hills, Los Angeles, California, United States
Zodiac SignSagittarius
WifeMolly Sims (m. 2011),
Rachel Nichols (m. 2008–2009)

A well-known figure in the entertainment business, Scott Stuber is best known for his work as a film producer and as the head of Netflix’s film section. From being poor to becoming one of the most famous people in Hollywood, it shows how hard he works, how talented he is, and how entrepreneurial he is.

Who is scott stuber
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Early Life

He was born in Granada Hills, California, USA, on December 13, 1968. He grew up in a middle-class home and loved movies from a very young age. When he was young, he saw movies that made him want to work in the movie business for the rest of his life.


Stuber went to the University of Arizona to get a degree in marketing. His schooling gave him a basic knowledge of communication and media, which would greatly help him in his future career projects. 

Scott Stuber Career

After finishing school, Stuber started working in the entertainment business, doing different jobs at Universal Pictures. People in the industry quickly noticed how hard he worked, how creative he was, and how good he was at finding talent. This helped him move up soon in the company.

Scott Stuber Career
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During his early years in the business, Stuber worked on many popular movies, such as “The Break-Up” (2006), “The Kingdom” (2007), and “You, Me, and Dupree” (2006). These projects showed how well he could work with filmmakers, handle the complicated process of making movies, and give exciting material to people worldwide. 

Scott Stuber Netflix CEO

Scott Stuber made a big move in his job in 2017 when he became the head of Netflix’s film division. In this position, he is in charge of the streaming giant’s big plans to make and show original movies in many different types and styles. He has led Netflix to become a significant player in the movie business. Its original productions have won many awards and been praised by critics.

Stuber’s time at Netflix has been marked by new ways of telling stories, strategic relationships with top filmmakers and talent, and a dedication to diversity and inclusion in all areas of film production. His leadership and ideas have helped Netflix become a world leader in the entertainment business. 

Personal Life

With his personal life, Scott Stuber is pretty quiet when he’s not working. Spending time with family and friends is essential to him, so he stays out of the public eye.

When did Scott Stuber marry Molly Sims?

Molly Sims and Scott Stuber married on September 24, 2011, and Stuber is a film producer. The wedding was small and private in Napa Valley, California. Their wedding was a celebration of love, and their family and close friends were there to see it. Since then, Stuber and Sims have started a trip together, enjoying the good and bad parts of marriage. Their public performances and social media posts show they have a strong bond and respect for each other. Through the things they’ve been through together, Stuber and Sims continue to inspire others with their love and loyalty to each other.

Molly Sims Wife of Scott Stuber
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Who is Scott Stuber’s Wife and Kids?

Scott Stuber is married to Molly Sims, a well-known actress, model, and businesswoman who works in movies, TV, and fashion. Since then, they’ve had three children: Brooks Alan Stuber, Grey Douglas Stuber, and a daughter, Scarlett May Stuber. They got married in 2011.

Scott Stuber family
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Films Produced

Scott Stuber has worked on the production of many great movies in a wide range of genres throughout his career. Some of his most famous works are: 

  • “The Break-Up” (2006)
  • “You, Me and Dupree” (2006)
  • “The Kingdom” (2007)
  • “Safe House” (2012)
  • “Ted” (2012)
  • “Identity Thief” (2013)
  • “Ted 2” (2015)
  • “Central Intelligence” (2016)
  • “The Upside” (2017)
  • “Spenser Confidential” (2020)

These movies are only a tiny part of Stuber’s massive body of work, spanning over 20 years and including projects with some of the best actors and directors.

Social Media Influence

Scott Stuber has a small presence on social media sites, even though he is well-known in the entertainment business. He sometimes talks about new information and ideas from his job at Netflix, but he likes to keep his personal life out of the public eye.

Estimated Net Worth

Scott Stuber is one of the most famous and well-known people in Hollywood, and his net worth is thought to be in the tens of millions of dollars. His well-paid job as a film producer and his position as head of Netflix’s film business has undoubtedly helped him get so rich. 

FAQs About Scott Stuber

Q1. What is Scott Stuber’s educational background?

  • Scott Stuber attended the University of Arizona, where he studied communications.

Q2. What are some of Scott Stuber’s notable film credits?

  • Some of the famous movies that Stuber has made are “The Break-Up,” “Ted,” “Safe House,” and “The Kingdom.”

Q3. When did Scott Stuber join Netflix, and what is his role there?

  • Stuber started working for Netflix in 2017 as the head of its film section. In this role, he was in charge of making and distributing original Netflix movies.

Q4. Who is Scott Stuber married to, and how many children do they have?

  • He is married to Molly Sims and has three kids with her. They are Brooks Alan Stuber, Grey Douglas Stuber, and Scarlett May Stuber.

Q5. What is Scott Stuber’s approach to film production at Netflix?

  • Stuber’s approach focuses on new ideas, teamwork, and diversity, giving people worldwide exciting and varied material.

Q6. What is Scott Stuber’s net worth?

  • According to estimates, Scott Stuber’s entertainment sector prowess has earned him tens of millions of dollars.

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