Top 10 League of Legends players with ranked

Online battle arena games have always gained popularity among players, be they hardcore junkies or casual gamers. One such battle arena game that has attracted all eyes and ears is League of Legends. This multiplayer game keeps the players engaged and gives them a chance to showcase their talent in front of the team.

The game is well-known for its high-end players and interactive gameplay. Want to get a hands-on experience? Get handleveled League of Legends account and step into the world of possibilities. But before you jump into the game, make sure to know the 10 best players and follow their footprints to get success.

What is League of Legends?

League of Legends, commonly known as LoL, is a 2009 multiplayer video game. It was developed and launched by Riot Games and has gained attention since the moment it stepped into the market. The game is mainly inspired by the famous Warcraft III.

It debuted in October 2009 and is monetized through purchasable character customization. Players can enjoy the game on Microsoft Windows and macOS. It has gained positive reviews from both critics and gamers alike.

The List of 10 League of Legends Players

Got the basics? Let’s map out the 10 best and top-class League of Legends Players. Scroll down to know more.

1. 369

Let me start the list with the best laner in the world, Bai 369. He is well-known for his incredible versatility and classy moves. 369 features a special ability to fulfill the role of a tank while also being able to pilot-carry champions. His value in the game is beyond imagination, making him the staple in every team.

2. Zeus, T1

The second name that comes to my mind when listing the League of Legends players is none other than Zeus, T1. Like 369, he is also a top-notch laner who has surprised the audience with his best-in-class abilities. However, despite being famous and talented, Zeus T1 has never had the chance to lift an international trophy until now.

3. Uzi

The third-best player is Uzi. He has been referred to as the LPL monster for years, torn through the bot lane while bringing RNG to countless victories. Along with his gaming skills, he is best known for his stellar communication and commitment. Moreover, Uzi is a famous gaming strategist and is a certified mechanical genius.

4. Canyon

Here comes another world-class League of Legends player, Canyon. He is well-regarded as the best jungler of all time and has single-handedly carried DAMWON KA in the past few years. Besides, Canyon has won the LCK and earned himself a LoL championship title.


At number 5 is CAPS. Whenever we list the top League of Legends Players, you must find this name among the list. To your surprise, CAPS is the only European player who has managed to carve his path to the list. He owns a total of 8 LEC titles under his sleeves, making him one of the most valuable assets of all time.

6. Ruler

Still looking for the best LoL players? How could we forget to add Ruler to the same? He went from Challengers Korea to the World Finals in less than a year, depicting his success, strategy, and talent in the battle arena game. Ruler beats Faker the following year to earn the champion title. However, that was the only tournament won by this class player until now.

7. Showmaker

And here comes our Showmaker. Believe me, this list would be incomplete if I forgot to mention his name. He is one of the best mid-laners who has gone a bit faded in the past two years. This Korean GOAT was a key force when DK was conquering the world. However, what makes him listed at number 7 is his current gaming status. The recent results haven’t been positive for the Showmaker, and fans are still waiting for him to become the champion.

8. Rookie

If we were talking about the most consistent players in the league, Rookie would have earned the first position. Rookie and IG’s success at World Finals 2018 went hand in hand. Not only did this victory stop Korea’s dominance in League of Legends games, but it also started a Chinese era.

9. Beryl

Known to be the best support in the world, Beryl has taken the ninth place on the list for a reason. He is the two-time world champion and has made it to the finals three times in a row. He might not be the flashy guy you have been looking for, but his skills and mind games make him a valuable player of all time.

10. DEFT

Let’s end up the list with the tenth-most popular League of Legends player, DEFT. He has always been considered as a strong ADC player and has played in one of the top-performing teams. However, despite being a good strategist, Deft has never been able to garner good results in the internationals, which is why we have put the player in the last position for now.

Summing Up

That’s all for now. These are the ten best League of Legends Players of all time. We hope you have enjoyed our research and found it worth your time. Do you need to know more about the game or the players? Reach out to us in the comments below and we will get back to you at the earliest.

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